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வால மீனுக்கும் பாடல்| How “Vaala meenukkum”become a super hit? மே 6, 2006

Posted by chella in வகைப்படுத்தப்படாதது.




1. Nithya Akaash from texas - மே 6, 2006

The main reasson we are back to rajas sirs music os nostalgia. We were born and bought up heaaring his songs. so naturally we prefer his songs.Thats the orgination of remix trends…. But i doubt if our kids would do that, they would be more inclined towards AR rehman, or whoever coz that what they are listening when growing up.

2. chella - மே 6, 2006

Half true. But how we youngsters loved AM raja and PB Srinivaas! Melodies live longer. I still love Mukesh songs! So something more than nostalgia, I believe and happy to see your comment here! Keep posting your comments and we are happy to recieve more and more !

3. Nihal - மே 7, 2006

Peria Aaalu Saar neenga

4. Bharath - மே 7, 2006

Hi Mr.Chella, Iam also from Coimbatore and now working in Malysia. You blogs are good and I like to go through it during my free time. I also appreciate your inclination towards the tamil language.

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