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வாதாடி ஓ போட்ட செந்தில்|How Senthil put his O! மே 9, 2006

Posted by chella in நாட்டு நடப்பு | Current affairs.

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1. vijaykarthikk - மே 10, 2006


I’m very sad to share the moment on May 8th when i’m casting my 49-0 vote:

Situation: Voting day.. In the polling booth, a voter wants to cast

Security: Come in line.. Dont push over.. Next..

(Voter enters the booth, his ID card is validated..ink applied..The voter gets the form and says to the officer)

Voter: I would like to cast 49-0

Officer: ?????? 49-0? your number is 172 sir.. Not 49-0.

Voter: No.. 49-0 is a type of vote that can be casted by a individual if he/she doesn’t likes to vote for any candidate..

Officer: (49-0??? talks with the other officers)… Jus hold on..
(the officer calls up to cheif officer)
(Returning officer asks the voter to speak up)

Voter: Hello, sir.. i would like to cast the Vote 49-0.. but no one knows here regarding it..

Returning officer: (Puzzles…then talks in low voice) we gave instructions to them but…. ok sir.. you jus get the 17-a register and cast your vote..

Voter: thank you sir…

(In the Mean time, as the time exceeds someone in the crowd shouts that the voter who entered is disturbing the booth’s atmosphere.. Police rushes in.. and tries to take the voter out.. The voter tries hard to explain.. and finally wins..)

Voter atlast casts the vote for 49-0..

This is an true incident that happened while casting the vote for 49-0.. Like this many incidents would have happened..

This clearly shows the lack of interests of the officers who are in the position to preserve democracy.. If the voter above is a soft speaker.. then he would have defenetely been taken by the police away.)

So.. what ever may be the Rule.. whether it is Good or Bad the officers who are in the position to prevent the democracy should atleast know it, to aviod such situations..

Share your thoughts and ideas on it.. and tell me if any incidents happened like this..

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