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An interview with Senthil who cast his “O” after a struggle! மே 9, 2006

Posted by chella in நாட்டு நடப்பு | Current affairs.

hear chella

I regret the poor quality since done in an open environment with a poor mike! Still I do want to publish it as a record in the history of Tamilnadu Election. At the end of the interview he said in the next election there will be a huge awareness on 49"o" if the political parties dont field a right candidate! TN is waking up really and this younger generation has given me a lot of hope! 



1. Sam Prabhu K - மே 10, 2006

For me also it was a difficult in putting “49 O”… But i didnt leave i casted my vote for “49 O”… The presiding officer was saying me that everything is going smooth and why you want ot disturb that.. I said its my Democractic Duty and its your duty to assist me in doing that duty.. Finally the Zonal Officer came to help and i did my democractic duty with great satisfication…

Thanks to the people who created the awareness about “49 O”

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